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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sol 8 Neo Samurai 7

Description: In this ep Neo of podcast comes on as a co-host and he and Dollow talk about Samurai 7, being based on one of the great epics, Seven Samurai by Legendary Akira Kurosawa, and review and compare Remake and Original.

Afterword: The sound is not great but it’s not bad, this was great as I now have all of the Gundamn Hosts on the show, I love talking about Samurai 7 and with Neo who is a big fan of the original Seven Samurai we were able to compare the show and the movie. This show is also the first appearance of the new opening theme for the show, and we open up all mysterious and it fits the show. With the Neo here it was nice work with him as he was a great guy; and it was nice to work with him.

Toshirō Mifune the original Kikuchiyo of Seven Samurai that Neo was trying to remember.

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Sol 8 Neo Samurai 7

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