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Friday, May 28, 2010

Solar 13 Podcasting Eternal Blue

Description: In this ep special guest host, Soul Bro Ryu of the Gundamn Podcast at and, joins Dollow for the show to talk about Gundam's One Year War, talk about Podcasting, how to run one, what tech we use, what not not to do, tips on doing a podcast, and how both got started as podcast editors; as well as comments on legendary RPG game, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.

Remix song 1: "Melodies of Life Arranged", @
Remixer: Mafeas aka Mcvaffe, @ and
Original Song: "Melodies of Life" of Final Fantasy IX

Remix song 2: "Orange October", @
Remixer: Quinn Fox, @ and
Original Song: "Silver and Blue" of Lunar Eternal Blue

Remix Song 3: "TheTwinkleParkClassic", @
Remixer: DarkeSword, @ and
Original Song: "It Doesn't Matter" and "Twinkle Cart" of Sonic Adventure

Afterword: This was an ep the that was both fun and hard to do, it was nice to work with Soul Bro Ryu and talk about podcasting and help others who might want to get started with their own podcast, it was nice to talk about Lunar 2 as I think its a very underrated game since it's always compared to Lunar 1, especially since Silver Star Harmony came out. Here was the two things that made the show hard: the podcasting segment went on longer than what I thought it would take, by the end of it; my voice very close to giving out and greatfully it held to the end of the show, but I lost my voice for the next few days and got sick to go with it as I was editing the ep, and speaking of editing, the show was so long that I had to edit it very carefully so that Audacity would not crash on me (Did not do so when I was editing) but that took a little longer than I would have like but even then I like editing this one and I never felt angry when doing so. The One Year War Segment came out very bad, but I did my best to save it; and make it so that it would not hurt everyone's ears. Overall it was great to work on, the only who complain was my voice, LOL. Below are some links I put to show Lunar 2 and some moments that I love in the game, I hope you find them interesting enough that you will go play the Lunar games too.

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Ending Movie from the game (Spoiler)

Lucia's Pendant (To show you what it looks like) from

Dollow's Favorite Lucia Moments, Screenshots are all from

The best ones

EBC Screenshots - Snowy Zulan

(The Funny Leo moment I was talking about)

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Thank you everyone,

Dollow Rlance

Special Thanks,

Soul Bro Ryu, Kyle Wynen, OC Remixers: Mcvaffe, Quinn Fox and DarkeSword

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