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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Solar 12 The Storm of Rules

-In this episode, we laid down the rules of the Flawless Debate before we begin, and in Spotlight Sam reviews The World Ends With You.

Needles: by Dale North, Mustin, Nate Cloud, nyKad of, Original Song: Needles of Mega Man 3.
Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme: by Fox Amoore of and,, Original Song: Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme.

- This took a little longer than it should, but hey. The Clips in between the shows are from The GWS's Patlabor movie, it was funny to put them in, the sound should sound better in this ep as I tried something new this time, keep an eye out for the Solcast.

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Solar 12 The Storm of Rules

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Thank you Shaz for letting me use the Patlabor clips.
Patlabor Movie Part 2 by Gutted Wren Studios at YouTube

Thank you,

Dollow Rlance

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