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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sol 9 SRW Year One

Description: With our one year anniversary now here, Dollow and Raymond talk about the show itself, anime, Patlabor, and what might come in the future with the show.

Remix: STARFOX - Main Theme Remix (Main Theme Remix), Remixer: STRIKE911 of Original Song: Main Theme of STARFOX

Afterword: It’s funny to think one year ago, I was a very green newbie; and now I am writing a blog post and I have worked with many people and learned many things since then, as I have work hard and have come very close to giving up on the show, we are still here and moving on into year two. As of now we are going to move to do some DVD Commentaries in the next months, keep a look out.

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Sol 9 SRW Year One

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