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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sol 4 and Solar 8

Been a long time but finally we did new episodes there as followed

Sol 4 Comeback,
- In this one we talk about what happen to the podcast and the things that are to come in the future.

Solar 8 Pokemon Tales,
- This marks the first appearance of a new co-host of the show, Raymond, who joins the podcast to talk about Comics and superheroes, and then me and Sam talk about the Pokemon games and the ideology behind the games and the anime.

- Remixes
Aerith's Theme: by
katethegreat19 of Youtube of Final Fantasy VII, original song: Aerith's Theme
Lugia's Theme: by Fox Amoore and Nintendo of and,

With Final Fantasy XIII out finally, look forward to Sam review of the game very soon.

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Sol 4 Comeback
Solar 8 Pokemon Tales

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Kick Ass Movie Trailer


Update: May, 12, 2010
Dawn is cute! Smile

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