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Monday, February 15, 2010

Solar 7 Snake vs Batman Pt 2

The second part of the Flawless Debate happen as we talk about Batman of the legendary Batman: The Animated Series of the DC Animated Universe, we look into the show covering most of the rogues Batman fights, what items he uses, and more. This took awhile I realize to edit as it took a total of four times to edit the episode. We also talk about some anime we like and that should everyone should look into if they like anime.

- Remixes
"Liquid Metal" By Vigilante of ,
Original song: Enclosure of Metal Gear Solid

"MGS Enclosure" By GeneticBiofox of Newgrounds Audio Portal at
Original songs: Enclosure of Metal Gear Solid

The beginning part of the episode is hard to hear since we were having mic problems, but I was able to save the rest of the show in sound, overall the Ep came out well. I wanted to put in more sound clips from the show like last ep, but in the end it didn't seem need since everyone knows the Batman: The Animated Series so well. Overall the ep came out well and I like the flow of the of the ep and how it moves fast and quick.

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