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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Solar 15 Anime Expo Final - Final Post

Title: Solar 15 Anime Expo Final - Final Post
Description: Interviews of many anime fans from Anime Expo 2010 who love anime and wish to share it from AX, as well as a heartfelt Good-Bye from Dollow with this being the end of the Solar Radio Wave Podcast.

Anime Expo 2010 Video by Dollow

Afterword: Getting this podcast together was really fun to do, as it was something very new for me. As I was getting these interviews I meet a lot of nice and friendly people, and it was cool to talk with them, there was a Roxas that I liked and had a great chat with her and her friend as well as with many others who I had a great time with, I think my only problem was I did not get anyone’s contact info. Now with this being the final ep of the show for the foreseeable future, I was not getting any feedback from anyone as it was, but I still like the show, I just wish we got a little feedback, as it stands I will stop editing the show and may start a new show; but that is a big maybe, even then you never know. The list that follows is of the people, who I like to thank for everything with the podcast,

List of Thanks:

Soul Bro Ryu, Neo Lorrnoke, and Chris Guanche,, and, Twitter - MAHQDOTNET

Shazmybot and the Gutted Wren Studios crew
Main Site
Main Blog

Katethegreat19 of youtube



Gaming Union

Sam and Raymond the co-hosts of the show

Thanks all of you, you mean a lot to me.

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Thank you and good bye,

Dollow Rlance

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