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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally here for the podcast

With the new year of 2010, The blog for the Solar Radio Wave Podcast is now here. As it stands right now, I am still working to become a better podcast host as well as QC manager for the show; and with the new I intend to keep to my New Year's promise of being more devoted to this show and and be more rounded.

Now that I said that, I will give a little about what is this show is about and what is to come in the weeks to come.

Solar Radio Wave Podcast is a show that talks about many general things in media, Movies, Books and TV; to Eastern Animation, Comic books, and simple media politics for the pubic. At times we would debate about little things that come to us but normally staying off government politics. So in short, We are a podcast that likes looking for answers to many fun questions that would appear in most everyday life, and finishing with a musical remix for a calming send off.

In the future the show will finish its promise to talk about the Flawless Debate of "Who would win in a fight: Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid or Batman of the DCAU, with some sub topics in the Spotlight segment.

Lastly Solar Radio Wave would like to tell everyone thank you to those who listen and give feedback.

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Thank you all of you

Dollow Rlance and Sam

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